Health Benefits of the Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What is Koroneiki? 

There are more than 1,000 olive varieties, each with its own unique taste characteristics. The olive oils produced by FeleaGoods® come from the highly distinguished Koroneiki olive. The Koroneiki olives are small in size compared to other variety of olives, and are not intended for snacking, however the olive oil they produce is superior to most others. Considered Greece's most important variety of olives for olive oil, they originated in Crete over 5000 years.


What are Polyphenols ? 

The Koroneiki olive produces a glowing golden-green velvety olive oil with a pungent, robust and peppery flavor. Its oil also contains very high levels of polyphenols, which means it boasts powerful health benefits. Polyphenols are chemicals that naturally occur in plants. They  are known as a natural antioxidant with the ability to combat cell damage, and have been credited with reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer

The shelf life for Koroneiki olive oil is also exceptionally long compared to other varieties due to the incredibly elevated polyphenol content.

Need to clear your throat after tasting this olive oil?

The pungency and balanced bitterness you taste in the Koroneiki olive oil is an indication of the high polyphenol count. In fact the higher the polyphenol contents, the stronger the taste, thus the greater the quality.

Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is...

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