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Olive Oil

From the Island

of Crete

The products available from FeleaGoods® are created from recipes and procedures handed over for generations, honoring the region's culinary heritage. All FeleaGoods® products are natural from the highest quality ingredients, handcrafted with love and respect for tradition, promoting the local produce, bringing you the wholesome taste of undiscovered Crete while protecting and preserving its natural beauty and heritage.  

The Cretan Olive Oil

Olive oil constitutes the center of Cretan diet and civilization for thousands of years. Since the prosperity of the Minoan civilization, the first European civilization, the fruit of the olive tree and its by-products plays an irreparable part in the local economy and culture. Pots with edible olives and urns for storing olive oil have been discovered in the grand Minoan palaces, while the olive tree and the olive oil are depicted in murals, in painted vessels and jewelry of the Minoans, thus certifying the long-standing tradition of Crete in the cultivation and production of olive oil as well as its export trade. The important oil production of Crete continued incessantly for the next centuries until today that almost 65% of the agricultural land of the island consists of olive groves. Cretan olive oil is an absolutely natural product: it is not industrially produced but instead it is produced by means of crushing the fruit of the olive tree using mechanical means. The velvety texture and superior taste are the result of natural qualities of Koroneiki variety, which is the main variety that thrives in Crete in a mild climate with a lot of sunshine and fertile soil.


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