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Our organic extra virgin olive oils

All products available from FeleaGoods® are created from recipes and procedures handed over for generations, honoring the region's culinary heritage. All products are natural from the highest quality ingredients, handcrafted with love and respect for tradition. FeleaGoods® aims to promote the local produce, bringing you the wholesome taste of undiscovered Crete, while protecting and preserving its natural beauty and heritage.  

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The series of aromatic olive oil of FeleaGoods® contain only the natural herb in the bottle with no additive aromas. It is available in the following flavors: chili pepper, garlic, lemon, oregano, rosemary and thyme. With rich natural aroma and velvety texture, this aromatic olive oil will give the ideal refinement to your cooking. Add them to your salads, grilled vegetables, roast meat or fish and let them lift off your dishes.


Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural product of cold extraction of the Koroneiki variety cultivated using strict organic methods. Strict inspection of the process along with traditional methods that use no chemicals and fertilizers, guarantee the collection of the most beneficial substances of the olives.

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